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Ffion Gwyn - Heritage Tea Towel Collection - Crabs/Crancod

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A collection of native Welsh species beautifully illustrated and printed on a 100% cotton tea towel.  Made in the UK.


Featured: Masked Crab (Cranc Mygydog), Pea Crab (Pys Cranc), Short Legged Spider Crab (Cranc Heglog Byrgoes), Velvet Swimming Crab (Cranc Llygat Coch), Common Hermit Crab (Cranc Meddal), Spiny Spider crab (Cranc Heglog Pigog), Hairy Porcelain Crabs (Cranc Porslen Blewog), Edible Crab (Cranc Coch), Shore Crab (Cranc Gwyrdd).

Illustrations have been taken from original artworks by the artist Ffion Gwyn.

Bilingual Welsh/English.

Heritage collection